Jaiprakash Hospitals is committed to provide the highest quality of eye care. With, state of the art equipment and the best of doctors we will establish our institution as the leading hospital for Ophthalmology not just in Odisha, but in Eastern India. Our objective has always been to provide the best diagnosis and treatment of all complex problems across our different units.

The Eye department at Jaiprakash Hospitals functions with facilities for retina check-up, Glaucoma check-up besides vision screening and refractions. It is equipped with Auto refractometer, a High-Tec slit lamp with Haag-streit Applanation tonometer, indirect in future and direct ophthalmoscopes and various diagnostics lenses. A few facilities at this unit include routine eye check-ups, complete solution for cataract treatment.

The department Jaiprakash Hospitals was initially set up with the primary objective being able to cater to the basic and routine needs of a super-specialty hospital.  The new department at the Jaiprakash Hospitals provides all the world class facilities like:

  • Routine eye check-ups
  • A hi-tech glaucoma clinic with Applanation tonometry, perimetry in future and 90 D examination
  • A complete end to end solution for cataract treatment

Jaiprakash Hospitals is widely regarded as one of the most advanced eye-treatment centres in Eastern India. The department in this unit boasts of:

  • A biometry machine which gives quick and highly accurate acquisition of data for lens power calculation in cataract surgery
  • The ZEISS LUMERA microscope, imported from Germany is best in the industry.
  • A State of art phaco machine Legion by Alcoy is Latest and Best Phaco Machine in Rourkela
  • First time in Rourkela Cataract surgeries by Phaco will be done under topical anesthesia (i.e. without injections by experienced Phaco surgeon.
  • CORNEAL diseases are treated by experienced Cornea specialist.


  • Medical Retina Setup  with O.C.T for diagnostics, Green laser for photo coagulation and facility for intravitreal injection.
  • Perimetry for visual field analysis in gluacema patients.
  • Keratoplasty (Corneal transplantation) by experienced Surgeon.

Our Doctors

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    Dr Sumita Srustidhar Samal MBBS, MS (Ophthalmology) Specialized in Cornea & Anterior Segment BOOK AN APPOINTMENT
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