The department of Dermatology at Jaiprakash Hospitals is highly renowned for providing a diverse array of skin diagnosis and treatment. The Department prides itself on its service to patients, working with patients to find the best individualized treatment for their skin conditions. Physical appearance has a huge impact on one’s self-image and the way one interacts socially. We understand the sensitivity of the patients’ needs and emphasize on delivering the best services to them. For this reason, we are widely regarded as the leading hospital for dermatology in Rourkela, as well as throughout Eastern India.

We have a team of highly skillful dermatologists who provide specialized treatment to adult and paediatric patients who suffer from both general skin problems and severe skin diseases. Starting from minor one-time skin care problems to major skin issues that require regular treatment, we take great pride in assisting our patients with all their concerns and problems. Our clinics have been streamlined to provide the most effective and efficient service for patient care.

Our services include the evaluation, management, and education of patients with diseases of the skin, such as acne, dermatitis, keratosis, melanoma, psoriasis, pruritus, squamous and basal cell carcinoma, warts, and wounds. Treatments include dermatological surgical procedure, patch testing for contact dermatitis reactions, and simple and complex wound care, debridement, and dressing changes. From treating recurrent skin cancers to performing various facial treatments, our skilled dermatologists offer a range of services in General Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology. Once the patient has been diagnosed, treated, and stabilized, our dermatology team works with the patient by recommending or providing further follow-up care. It is our constant desire to provide our patients with the best services. This is what makes us the best hospital for Dermatology in Eastern India.

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